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On-Site or via eCounseling over HIPAA-Compliant video technology.  You can speak with a counselor with the assurance that your privacy is protected.
Group Therapy
Groups are an important to a healthy recovery with long-term results.  Whether you are overcoming the challenges of Substance Abuse or maybe Anxiety, it's good to know you're not alone.
Individual Therapy
Improving Our Communities by Improving Ourselves
Faith-Forward Counseling & Community Outreach
You are Invited to RECLAIM YOUR JOY, which is your God-given blessing and birthright. Working from a faith-based approach to clinical counseling, competent coaching, and community outreach, I help people that are in the early stages of self-discovery, skill development and recovery. I also partner with clients who are more grounded in their journey but are interested in exploring more ways to deepen their connection with self and others to lead more meaningful lives. Use the Contact Form to request free consultation of the services that may be right for you. When you're ready, feel free to make an appointment. I'd love to be a part of your era of breakthrough!

Many blessings to you,

Chanel C. Bowen, LPC, LCAS, CSI, DCC
Individual Therapy is an important part of the healing and recovery process. It is an opportunity for you to engage in self-examination, express your deepest thoughts and feelings, and learn skills to manage stress and overcome challenges in healthy ways. We will work together to determine which methods are most effective for you and tailor a treatment plan that helps you reach the goals you set for yourself. Therapy helps to identify the barriers that keep you from living your best life. It highlights your abilities and brings strengths to the forefront to be applied to improve your quality of life. Through our counseling relationship, we can move through areas that have held you back and break through to the life you deserve to live. Experience an increase in self-confidence, ability to interact effectively with others, tolerate stress, and live mindfully for self-growth and self-actualization. Would you like to meet in person or over online video chat once a week? Every two weeks? Once a month? Let's talk about what works for you. Use the Contact Form to request a Free Consultation today.
Group Therapy is an opportunity to connect with others in a non-judgmental and safe environment. It is a support system in which you can express yourself, talk about problems, share accomplishments, and confirm that you are not alone. Being a group member is like being a part of a family that is focused on healing and recovery. Develop and practice skills that help you overcome emotional issues, learn to prevent relapse, and reduce symptoms such as anxiety and depression. Use the Contact Form to have your questions answered or to become a part of our Group Therapy today.
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